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Alive Health & Wellness Retreat Australia offer you a life changing experience and deliver an outstanding holistic health retreat program offering you full support to reach your goals. Australia's premier luxury health retreat where you enjoy a personalised team approach to helping you find yourself again. We specialise in an outstanding self empowered holistic health and wellness retreat experience where we focus on:

  • stress defusion & stress management
  • finding inner peace & calm
  • yoga, meditation & mindfulness
  • enjoyable fitness & exploration of the outdoors
  • reflection time in nature & peace
  • better choices for nutrition & cleansing your body
  • getting to your perfect weight with ease
  • reconnecting with yourself
  • building stronger relationships with others
  • recreating a life based on what matters
  • personalising your program & working intimately with you
  • supporting you to reach your goals
  • doing everything in our power to ensure you enjoy a life changing experience!

More than a retreat. We recreate your life.

Our luxury health retreat settings are surrounded by nature and peace and help you get back to the real you allowing you the time needed to reflect, restore and replenish your spirit.

Awaken your spirit when you step into our retreat paradise, unwind, nourish, renew, relax and reconnect at our luxury health retreat centre in Noosa. Our retreat programs offer you the ultimate indulgence to ensure you leave feeling refreshed, revitalised and reconnected to who you really are.

Facilitated by expert Life Coaches, Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Teachers, Naturopaths, Healers with a combined experience of over 100 years, we host the perfect retreat to revive your spirit. Spend your days nurturing your body, mind and soul. Disconnect from the stress and craziness of modern living and learn new techniques to replenish your body, mind and soul on all levels.

Our retreat provides a space to defuse, surrender and just be where you can learn how to implement healthy lifestyle habits you will take home with you and we'll support you on your journey to wellness back in the 'real world'. Our incredibly empowering wellness workshops and one on one life coaching allow us to educate you on simple changes you can make to create a body and life you love and intimately support you on your journey.

The personalised and tailored alive health retreat experience is unmatched, there is no other program like ours in the world. We offer specific, personalised, life changing health retreat programs that only only revitalise the physical body through detox & cleanse but also revive the spirit through yoga, meditation, spa, adventure and natural therapies that will help you rebuild your entire system. The wellness retreat experience we offer is unique to each individual. You always have the full support of your program manager and facilitator and your life coach will ensure we mentally and emotionally support you and help you reach your goals.

Our health retreat programs are specific and are designed to revolutionise your health, your mind and your spirit. We support you 100% in healing and revitalising YOU.

We offer you an outstanding life changing experience!

We ensure you have the motivational tools to live a rich and meaningful life filled with health, wellness and contentment. Alive is designed to help you excel. Alive is here to ensure you reach your goals. . Alive is here to make sure you live your best life & find your own personalised wellness recipe.

'Alive offers more than just a wellness retreat. alive offers life changing experiences and a personalised approach to complete healthy living.'

We are proud of the range of personalised programs and  are proud of our happy clients and very high success rate. We have a range of services to suit your needs. Contact  our coordinators here & fill out our detailed enquiry form more to get one on one assistance to reach your goals.

Create a life worth living....


The Alive Wellness Programs are world class. We offer the ultimate treatment programs, specific individualised care, luxury surroundings and a life changing wellness experience. Our programs surpass all others in the industry offering you the highest level of care, professionalism, precise treatment and a revolutionised way of living your life for the better.

These programs offer you an outstanding level of luxury, peace and time to reconnect with you and what really matters to you as well as dramatically improving your overall health, reducing your stress and reconnecting with your own sense of self and purpose. Upon completing our luxury health retreat experience you feel invigorated and empowered to get back to living the life you want with a greater sense of clarity and ease.

'This is a life changing experience...'

We believe that this is something you should only ever experience once in your life. We believe that this should be the most unforgettable experience of your lifetime and so we have created the ultimate retreat experience.